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Chef Aicha offers modern Indigenous menus featuring pre-contact ingredients . Along with a number of other menu options. We specialize in making all things mouth watering .

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Comfortable on stage as she is in the kitchen, Aicha is never shy in front of a crowd or camera. Her infectious personality is engaging, educational and entertaining. Speaking topics such as Indigenous issues and the importance of pre-contact foods , this can be combined with her catering for a taste of understanding experience .

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Aichas infusion of cultures along with her personality is infectious. Join Aicha in the kitchen, virtually or in a safe space. Anybody can partake and should!

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for coming to explore the wonderful world of me!

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Aicha's vibrant spirit met my students passion for indigenous culture and world views and there was an explosion of conversation and comprehension.  I recommend an infusion of Aicha any time you want to create connectivity in a group no matter the size nor the purpose.  

Grace Butler Indigenous Studies Teacher

She is an excellent communicator, a collaborative team player, and I thoroughly enjoyed working with her.

Charmaine Tsang TedxMcMasterU